January 2, 2005-Tsunami’s, Suffering and Other “Acts” of God

January 9, 2005-Looking to the Future

January 16, 2005-Facing the Year 2005

January 23, 2005-For Such A Time As This

January 30, 2005-You'll Never Have to Worry About Money Again.

February 6, 2005-5 Marks of a 24/7 Christian

February 13, 2005-Is Your Cheek Red Enough?

February 20, 2005-The Cost of Following Jesus.

February 27, 2005-The Difference

March 6, 2005-In such an Hour When Ye Think Not

March 13, 2005-Restoring Spiritual Passion

March 20, 2005-Get A Jesus Attitude

March 27, 2005-The Evidence for Jesus’ Resurrection

April 3, 2005-The Living God

April 10, 2005-Castaways or Not?

April 17, 2005-Our Father Who Art in Heaven

April 24, 2005-Living Right Side Up in an Upside Down Society

May 1, 2005-Amazing Love

May 8, 2005-Mary Mother of Jesus

May 15, 2005-Secrets to God's Blessings

May 22, 2005-God's Plan for Successful Marriages

May 29, 2005-How to Love the Father More Than the World

June 5, 2005-If Satan Could Change History

June 12, 2005-The Greatest Love

June 19, 2005-Good Grief

June 26, 2005-The Perfect Church

July 3, 2005-One Nation-Going Under?

July 10, 2005-Praying Dangerous Prayers

July 17, 2005-The War Within

July 24, 2005-When the Record Plays Will You Like the Tune

July 31, 2005-The Devil's Perversions

August 7, 2005-The Calling of Levi

August 14, 2005-Battered by the Storm

August 21, 2005-Essence of God

August 28, 2005-1st Things 1st: "Jesus is Coming Soon"

September 4, 2005-Your Place on God's Team

September 11, 2005-How to Make an Eternal Difference in Someone's Life

September 18, 2005-Weathering Life's Storms

September 25, 2005-The Beauty of Grace Verses The Beast of Sin

October 2, 2005-A Soldier of The Cross

October 9, 2005-The Race of Faith

October 16, 2005-Defeating the Giants in Our Lives

October 23, 2005-Do You Know if You've Been Chosen

October 30, 2005-When You Pray

November 6, 2005-Cast Your Net on the Other Side

November 13, 2005-Jesus-Face to Face

November 20, 2005-Have You Seen Jesus Lately?


December 4, 2005-Get Ready for Some Hard Times

December 11, 2005-God's Christmas Tree and His Gifts

December 18, 2005-The Amazing Grace of Jesus

December 25, 2005-Don't Miss The Point