January 4, 2004-Be Still and Know That I am God

January 11, 2004-Jesus is Coming to Separate the Sheep and the Goats

January 18, 2004-The Training of the Twelve

January 25, 2004-How To Keep Going When You Can't Go On

February 1, 2004-End Zone Living

February 8, 2004-Overtime Pay on the Mad Mouse

February 15, 2004-Things Aren't Always What They Seem

February 22, 2004-What Does it Take to Follow Jesus

February 29, 2004-The Cross of Christ

March 7, 2004-A Politically Incorrect Look At Homosexuality

March 14, 2004-Fighting Temptation

March 21, 2004-The Seven Words from the Cross

March 28, 2004-About Lightning, Anger, and Forgiveness

April 4, 2004-Why Did The Cheering Stop

April 11, 2004-Easter is Life-Changing

April 18, 2004-Where is God?

April 25, 2004-Standing the Fire

May 2, 2004-Foundation Stones for Marriage

May 9, 2004-Seven Ways to Love your Mother

May 16, 2004-Choices

May 23, 2004-Seeing Him Go

May 30, 2004-The Holy Spirit Hasn't Stopped Working

June 06, 2004-The Trinity

June 13, 2004-Staying Loyal Under Pressure

June 20, 2004-A Godly Father's Reward

June 27, 2004-Jesus is Coming Back

July 04, 2004-Keeping America Great

July 11, 2004-Does All Really Mean All?

July 18, 2004-Pounding us Flat and Straightening us Out

July 25, 2004-Nine Steps to Improving Your Personal Devotions

August 01, 2004-Some Good Things About Midnight

August 08, 2004-Stressed or Blessed?

August 15, 2004-Living Joy

August 22, 2004-Before There Can be a Resurrection There Must be a Death, Burial

August 29, 2004-Chapter 13 of Revelation

September 05, 2004-Nine Ways The Holy Spirit Helps Correct Leadership Mistakes

September 12, 2004-Overcoming Demonic Powers

September 19, 2004-Creating Christ--Contagious Christianity

September 26, 2004-“Amen!” Revelation 7:9-12

October 3, 2004-Are You A Judas?

October 10, 2004-The Faith That Pleases God

October 17, 2004-The Better Life

October 24, 2004-How Do I Know the Bible is True?

October 31, 2004-What We Need to do to Make The Church Alive.

November 7, 2004-Our Eternal Destiny

November 14, 2004-Never Give Up

December 5, 2004-From Bitterness to Blessedness

December 12, 2004-God Can Relate to Us

December 19, 2004-Merry Christmas, Assembly Required?

December 26, 2004-Why Did He Come?