MARCH 16, 2003-Three in One

MARCH 23, 2003-Do You Really Give God Your prayer?

MARCH 30, 2003-Forgiveness

APRIL 6, 2003-Spiritual Thinking

APRIL 13, 2003-What the Master Needs

APRIL 20, 2003-It is Finished

APRIL 27, 2003-The Harsh Taskmaster

MAY 4, 2003-The Place of Emotion in Religion

MAY 11, 2003-A Trip to God's Woodshed

MAY 18, 2003-Why Jesus Wants us to Leave Judging to God

MAY 25, 2003-Returning to Basics

JUNE 1, 2003-Everything you Need to Know to Receive What you Need to Receive

JUNE 8, 2003-Keeping your Anger Under Control

JUNE 15, 2003-The Role of Israel in the Last Days

JUNE 22, 2003-Are you a Survivor?

JUNE 29, 2003-Why do Good People Suffer?

JULY 6, 2003-Judge not that you be Not Judged

JULY 13, 2003-What About Other Religions?

JULY 20, 2003-Women in Ministry

JULY 27, 2003-The Place of the Jews in God's Plan

AUGUST 3, 2003-Getting Through the Valley

AUGUST 10, 2003-Is Gay Ok?

AUGUST 17, 2003-Getting to the Other Side

AUGUST 24, 2003-Midnight Prayers

AUGUST 31, 2003-Asking the Tough Questions

SEPTEMBER 7, 2003-You Want a Gift?

SEPTEMBER 14, 2003-Conquering Life's Fears and Doubts

SEPTEMBER 21, 2003-Holy vs. Healthy Church

SEPTEMBER 28, 2003-Harnessing the Power of the Resurrection

OCTOBER 5, 2003-Are You a Survivor?

OCTOBER 12, 2003-The Kingdom of Heaven is Near

OCTOBER 19, 2003-Will Jesus Come Again?

OCTOBER 26, 2003-Finding the Peace of God in Unsettling Times

NOVEMBER 02, 2003-The Fruit of the Spirit

NOVEMBER 09, 2003-Drop Your Stone

NOVEMBER 16, 2003-How Do I Know I'm in God's Will Being a Part of This Church?

NOVEMBER 23, 2003-Thinking About Thanking

November 30, 2003-Responding to the Christmas Message

December 07, 2003-The Hope of Advent: Coming Alive in Christ

December 14, 2003-A Christmas Story

December 21, 2003-Joseph:A Christmas Sermon

December 28, 2003-A New Year's Resolution, To Love as Jesus Loves